Show Timetable 2022

Timetable for 2022 TBC

Show Timetable from 2019

Please note judging of Light Horses, Shetland Ponies, Sheep, Poultry,
Horticulture and WI Classes takes place outside the main ring.

9.00 am Judging of Light Horse & Pony Section
9.30 am Judging of all Cattle classes
9.30 am Judging of Shetland Pony Section
11.00 am Judging of Heavy Horses Section
12.15pm Main Attraction
1.00 pm Dog Show
1.00 pm Sheep Racing – The Woolly Back Hurdle
1.30 pm Presentation to Light Horse & Pony Section award winners
1.40 pm Children’s Sports
2.00 pm Fell Race Start
2.00 pm Tug of War
2.45 pm Junior Shepherd / Junior Stockman classes
3.00 pm Baby Show (in President’s Luncheon Marquee)
3.10 pm Tradesman’s Turnout, Farmers cart or carriage
3.20 pm Grand Parade of Prize Winners
3.50 pm Sheep Racing – The Mint Sauce Stakes
4.00 pm Presentation of Trophies in Horticulture & Poultry Marquees
4.45 pm Display of Vintage Tractors and Machinery
5.15 pm Egg Catching

NOTE: Some events take place at the same time in the main ring.
This timetable is subject to change; see Show Catalogue for any updates.